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We are led by a music team of three professional musicians. Dr Martin Cook who has just joined us becomes only our nineth conductor since our formation in 1923. He is a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM), having also completed his Doctorate in Conducting at the University of Nebraska.

Our two young and talented piano accompanists, Ruth Webb and Jenny Durbin are, like Martin, graduates of RNCM, having specialised in Piano Accompaniment.

The two coats-of–arms featured alongside our title represent our history and our present life. On the left is the insignia of the former, “Haydock Council “and on the right, that of St Helens Council which is very supportive of our activities and has provided generous funding over the years.

Our web-site always shows up to date information about Haydock MVC’s activities and people. Please contact us if you would like to know more. Some of the images allow for a fly-out enlargement by hovering the mouse over the image. Simply move away to return to text.

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Our Thanks

We fund most of our activities from our own resources, but we have been supported by local organisations who have gifted us funds. We wish to acknowledge the generous support given by organisations such as the Coalfield Re-Generation Fund; the National Lottery; Rainford Trust; Merseyside Community Foundation; Harry & Mavis Pilkington Trust as well as St Helens Council.


Haydock Male Voice Choir (HMVC) is a group of about 70 men who enjoy the challenge and personal satisfaction of singing together in harmony. This gives a tremendous feeling of achievement and well-being. It is also a wonderful discipline for training the memory!

We rehearse twice a week and perform concerts in a variety of venues usually within a 25 mile radius of our base. Our concert programmes are selected from  between 50 & 60 pieces (of several hundred) which have been learned by the choir and are sung from memory.  This programme changes completely over a year, as we will have learned 12 to 15 new pieces in that time.