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4705734Membership is open to any man able to sing in tune and prepared to make a commitment to attend rehearsals and concerts. The ability to read music is not necessary but a willingness to learn song words and the music is essential. We do not use sheet music when we perform in public and often sing in a variety of languages (learnt phonetically). At present we sing two songs in the Zulu language and two in German! We have sung in Welsh, Italian, Czech and Latin.

We are known for our high standards of performance at concerts and this is achieved by considerable work beforehand at rehearsals. That said, it is a fun hobby which develops camaraderie and a great sense of personal satisfaction. Following concerts, and unfailingly when we travel away, we gather for drinks, conversation and an “after-glow” sing-song which we call a “ram-sammy”. We are not sure if other choirs use the term or why we use it! In slang dictionaries a “ram-sammy” is described as a “family quarrel; fight or a noisy gathering”. Probably the latter best describes ours.

We try to plan at least one weekend away in the UK every year and to organise occasional trips abroad, though these are becoming less frequent now. Our wives/partners always travel with us wherever we go, so we request complimentary tickets as part of our concert fees so that our wives can support our concerts.


Tuesdays: 7:30 PM: Haydock Conservative Club, Belleraphon Way, Haydock, WA11 0GT (by Tesco) Click here for a map
Fridays: 7:30 PM: English Martyrs R C Church, Piele Rd, Haydock, Saint Helens WA11 0JY Click here for a map

Come along to our next rehearsal

Prospective members will be invited to attend rehearsals for a few weeks and to sing along with the selected voice section to establish that they are happy with our choir environment and our songs and would like to become a member. Before being invited to join choir formally, our conductor will ask prospective members to sing something familiar to ensure they are able to sing in tune. At the same time he may ask fellow section members to sing with them for support.

We provide members with a choir uniform of a jacket and tie which must be returned on leaving the choir. Grey trousers (to match current colour) and a white shirt complete the uniform and which we ask members to provide themselves. We also supply all music scores which remain the property of choir and must be returned on leaving the choir.

Just contact us for more information or come along to our next rehearsal.