Our New Supporters' Scheme


Each year, the choir operating costs increase and the average running cost for the choir is now £14,000 per annum. Concert revenue, fundraising activities and membership costs only cover a part of this.

The cost per annum to run the choir.
Active singing members.

Our previous Patrons’ Scheme has run for the past few years, and we thank everyone who has contributed to that and supported the choir.  The Patrons’ Scheme has now ended, and in its place we are beginning a brand new venture for people to support the choir – the 200 Club!

How can I take part?

Haydock Male Voice Choir is proud to launch its new 200 Club, with the first draw taking place at the end of February.  How it works is simple; you pay £5.00 per month, or £60.00 for the entire year if you want to pay in one go, and each month a draw is made, the more people who have subscribed to the scheme will increase the value of the prizes that people can win.  The remainder of the money raised will go to support the choir.

Contact committee@haydockmvc.com for more details

Please complete the following form to confirm you wish to take part, and return the page with your details to our Treasurer (via any member of the choir if necessary).

Friends of Haydock 200 Club standing order details